Natural Remedy For the Relief of Eyes With Natural Eye Drops

The human perceptive faculty, namely the eye is God's gift to the world of living beings. It is the most essential organ, among the other four sense organs with the help of which, an individual can make sense of the world and his/her circumstances at large. Among the problems, dryness is something that causes obstruction and irritation in the path of visualization. In order to get relief from dry eye condition there are lots of antibiotic eye drops that does wonders to the problem. These OTCs come handy in times of short term dry condition of the eyes. Short term, dryness of the eye occurs quite often due to heavy reading of print materials or sitting in front of the screen for large number of hours. These OTCs give relief to the eyes by restoring the required water content to the eyes.

Similarly, traveling in a plane can cause dryness of the eyes as the air within the plane has an extreme lack of moisture. Drinking less amount of water can cause dehydration which in turn can cause the eyes to go dry. Hence, apart from these there are other factors as well that might cause the eyes to go dry causing uncomfortability. However, it is advisable to go to a doctor prior to going to a chemist shop with the intention of purchasing a drop for getting relief from the dryness. This is because many antibiotic eye drops consist of liquids or preservatives that encourage the growth of bacteria. There are people who are sensitive or allergic to these chemicals used in the drops. In fact, there are instances when the use of dry eye drops can cause irritation in the eye along with redness. The eyes might get even drier, in case of worst reactions.


Hence, it is observed that doctors and chemists always prescribe dry eye drops that are devoid of any chemical preservatives. The problem with dry drops containing preservatives is that once they are opened, they must be necessarily discarded within a restricted time period as otherwise there will be bacterial growth in the eye drops causing more trouble to the users. However, using eye drops that does not contain a decongestant is preferable than those containing one. But still it is advisable to use that. Antibiotic eye drops containing decongestant can also make the eyes go drier after its application.


The primary duty of the user suffering from the problem of dry eyes is to make sure the sensitivity quotient of his/her eyes. If the eyes are sensitive, then antibiotic eye drops without the presence of any preservatives has to be used. In other case, decongested or antibiotics without the presence of a preservative should be used as they are better and safer. Therefore, dealing with a matter as sensitive as the eye must be handled with care and caution.





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