Natural Remedy For the Relief of Eyes With Natural Eye Drops

There are times when eyes suffer from irritation and itching causing redness and watering. In order to get relief from such problems, there are lots of OTCs available in the market that one can purchase in order to get relief from the condition. The problem with these over the top OTCs eye drops is that they might contain chemicals that may not be totally safe to put in the eye. Whether they can be completely trusted or not, is a questionable factor. Although these products promise to reduce the redness and the irritation within a few minutes yet that does not imply that it has solved the entire problem. No doubt, these antibiotic eye drops come handy for instant relief and are sold in large numbers in almost every country. But the large number of sales does not mean that they are efficient. This comment is made due to the fact that the human perceptive faculty, namely the eye, does not require antibiotic eye drops for the cleansing operation every now and then. The human tears are enough in order to perform the task effectively and efficiently.

The function of the antibiotic drops is to reduce the redness and the strain of the eye instantly. Consumers prefer to purchase and use them for the immediate result. Unfortunately, it is rarely that anyone considers the long term effect. It is observed, in many cases, that once the initial effect of these drops reduces or when the power of the medicine wears off after a few hours, then the eyes can suffer from the same or even more strain. The primary function of the antibiotic eye drops is to constrict the superficial blood vessels of the eyes. The presence of chemicals such as naphazoline, tetrahydrozoline and phenylephrine help in the reduction of the redness and the itching problem but once the power of these antibiotics die out, the same problem might re-occur again. Although the fact that the antibiotic eye drops can provide relief to the individuals within a short period of time, yet this does not mean that one should use it whenever one gets a chance. Using it once or twice is perfectly acceptable but using it more than that in a week can make a person completely rely on the eye drops. Moreover, another vital disadvantage of these eye drops is that, these drops can hide the symptoms of acute eye ailments, for instance, glaucoma. Glaucoma, at times, might be characterized by discomfort and irritation in the eye. There is a high chance that one might mistake it as the result of tiredness in the eyes. But using simple eye drops will not solve the problem at all. Using an eye specialist or and ophthalmologist is what is necessary in order to solve the situation.

There are numerous factors that cause irritation in the eyes of a particular individual. For example, efforts of refraction like astigmatism or near-sightedness, hyperthyroidism, diabetes and measles are some of the reason for the discomfort in the eyes. Hence, using drops will not be a solution to the problem at all. For this, what is required is a visit to a doctor's chamber. In order to get relief for the strained eyes, natural eye drops come handy. For example, medical experts say that using cold tap water and placing it on the lower lid of the eye with the help of a dropper is of sufficient help. Moreover, use of iced wet compresses and applying them for a time period of 15 minutes can also perform the task of relieving the strain from the eyes. These natural eye drops must be taken in order to get help for the eyes to get relief naturally.




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